EMPLOYMENT has forever changed.


Yes, you can make a legit living working in your pajamas !

In 2019 there were approximately 9 million people working at home. In 2021, there were approximately 27 million and that number should be significantly higher in 2022.

Covid has forever changed us.   The world is clearly a different place.  People hated staying at home and now people hate going into the office. People are also dumping corporate America and finding out that being self employed can be a better option for them.

You can also take that leap and start your own business.


HELL YAH!  But for those closet-entrepreneurs, you can come out now!  You know what you are passionate about. Start there.

Google keywords that contain your interests and then find careers related to them.  Keep going down that incredible “rabbit hole”and you will find an entrepreneurial opportunity to fit your passion.sailing, great lakes, mackinac island-4945855.jpg

For those of you who simply want to be at home but want to continue being an employee, there are so many opportunities out there.


It’s out there!

  1. Get your resume updated.
  2. Have a clean space in back of you for that Zoom interview.
  3. Research the pay ranges for the job you are looking for.
  4. Give your dog a bone to keep him/her busy during that Zoom call.
  5. Confirm your internet speed and know what it is when questioned.
  6. GET READY to enjoy the luxury of working at home!

Good luck!