Business Funding can be complicated and very hard to find.


  • “I need funding but I don’t have collateral.
  •  I need funding but my credit score is under 700.
  •  I need funding but I’ve been in business for 6 months.
  •  I don’t want to put my house up as collateral.”


The big banks will most likely tell you no; actually 80% of business loans get a denial.

If you DO qualify for a loan or line of credit at your bank, you should definitely go that route. Rates will be more user-friendly. They typically require higher credit scores and will definitely want you to support the loan or funding with some form of collateral.

What should you do if you want to expand your business or need a heater repair or you want new equipment?  The big banks are not always the entrepreneur’s best friend. 

Funding Main Street offers customized offerings to fit your business needs. We are also one of the only groups that you will be able to work with if  your credit  score is under 650. You will get 1 soft credit pull but will have your files presented to the best funding program without multiple ‘hits’ on your credit score.

The programs does have requirements but there several options available for the business owners.

WARNING: It’s never a good idea to get funding or lines of credit if you are using it as a “bail-out” or a parachute for a failing business. Getting deeper in the mud of debt is never a good idea.

Cheers to the Entrepreneur!